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CYBSL Baseball All-Star Tournament

Selection Process

As a guiding principle, CYBSL follows the official rules of Little League Baseball (hereinafter LLB) with regard to player eligibility and selection methods for the compilation of All-Star Tournament Teams. 

LLB Tournament Rules and Guidelines provides five methods for team selection and leaves it to the local league’s BOD to determine which method it will follow.   One of those methods is by way of Manager Selection.  This is the method CYBSL has traditionally followed and chooses to continue to follow.

CYBSL Manager Selection Process:

  • Manager selection process begins before the end of the CYBSL season concludes, with the Player Agent emailing the application to all managers and coaches for consideration.
  • For the Majors (10/11/12 team), only managers or coaches from the Major Division are eligible.  For the 8/9/10 or 9/10/11 tournament teams, the manager can be a manager or coach from Majors or Minors Division.
  • Interested CYBSL managers and coaches are asked to submit an application to the Player Agent and respective American or National League Commissioner by the specified date given.

  • Once applications are received, the Player Agent and Commissioners review applications for each tournament team position.

  • Commissioners solicit feedback from applicants’ peers to help in nomination process.

  • Commissioner nominates managers for each team to the Executive Committee for approval.

CYBSL Player Selection Process:

  • The All-Star tournament player selection timeline is dictated by Little League.
  • Commissioners hold drafts for each team with at least one member of the Executive Committee (Player Agent, President and/or Vice President, Baseball) present with their managers.  They first select the Majors (10/11/12) District tournament team, followed by the 9/10/11 District, then 8/9/10 District teams.   
  • All-star manager can choose between carrying 12 - 14 players on their roster. 
  • The first 11 players assigned to the team must be my vote of the managers. 
  • Each manager nominates players from their team for consideration, and voted on by other managers within their league.
  • Following full and fair discussion (of which all managers may participate) a vote is taken with the highest vote getters being placed on the team.  Tie votes repeat the discussion/vote process so described.
  • The manager, at his option, may select the remaining players to fill the roster. Should he choose not to exercise this option, the remaining players to fill the roster will be done by vote of the mangers as described above.  
  • The goal is to select the most competitive teams for the respective divisions, subject to the following:
  • CYBSL generally looks to have the divisional teams made up as follows (preferred ages):
  • Majors Division:  To be made up of 12 years olds
  • 9/10/11 Division:  To be made up of 11 years olds
  • 8/9/10  Division:   To be made up of 9 and 10 years olds
  • For the Majors Division and the 9/10/11 Division, CYBSL, upon the recommendation of the respective League Commissioner and with approval of the Executive Committee, will permit the placement of up to two (2) players, not of the preferred age but otherwise age eligible, for the respective division team.  This number may be altered if necessary to avoid the non-placement of a team due to the lack of eligible players.
  • For the 8/9/10 Division, no such restriction will be in place to the extent that it would prohibit the compilation of a minimum of 12 players. 

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